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Title: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: fsofso on March 14, 2020, 05:27:45 am
This is an amazing work very well done! Hope it will cover all Apollo mission.
I would like to save a copy for my own archive (it is a huge archive, with a lot of material well organized), without to be force to use the web.
Is it possible to download a whole mission? If it is any suggestion about how to do it?

Thank you a lot.
Title: Re: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: bfeist on March 14, 2020, 07:55:26 pm
Unfortunately that is not possible. This is designed to be an online project and only works when running on the web.
Title: Re: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: djbilo on April 18, 2020, 12:45:30 am
Wondering something similar.  Some of us have multi-track audio editing software and it would be a real hoot to have a copy of the 30 tracks from the tapes and load them up in the editor so we could select & deselect various tracks, pan them left to right, and so on, just to play around with the various channels in other ways not possible from the web site.

No criticism intended.  This site is just fantastic.  I'm a NASA brat from the 60s onward and just discovered this (where have I been?) and have had a great time this evening getting acquainted with this site plus passing it along to my family and friends.

Congratulations on producing something really special.  Hoping you'll eventually be able to do all the moon missions in the same way?  What a national treasure this is!
Title: Re: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: bfeist on April 18, 2020, 02:40:33 pm
You can totally do that! The 30-track audio that our team has restored is being uploaded by JSC to archive.org. It might already be there. Download the individual channels of each tape and throw them into your multitrack system and you should be good to go.
Title: Re: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: daniel on April 20, 2020, 05:28:39 am
Just to say that you can certainly do this.
I've personally done such a setup with first Apollo 11 and now 13.
Edit: all of the Apollo 13 tapes appear to be up.
Title: Re: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: jfayre on April 20, 2020, 11:20:07 am
Can someone shoot me a link to the archive of the restored tapes on archive.org?
I'm totally blind, and the accessibility of archive.org isn't the best. I found the nasa audio collection, but it looks like the tapes there are the old ones.
I would love to have this audio as well for my personal collection.

Title: Re: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: Naraht on April 20, 2020, 11:22:34 am
Can anyone offer any insight into how to figure out which of the Archive.org tapes corresponds to which loop and which part of the mission? Or do you just have to dip into them and listen until you get some idea? The file names on Archive.org don't seem to correspond to anything else that I can figure out. Or am I missing something?

ETA: Ah, I think I get it... the channel numbers from the image are in the filename. So "CH17" is EECOM and "CH20" is FIDO, for example. I think.
Title: Re: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: daniel on April 20, 2020, 11:28:24 am
The link to the Apollo 13 MOCR ACR Collection is here:
I'm totally blind as well, I've managed to grab things from that collection, although could send you a pm with more exact instructions if it would be useful.
Using the second edit box for searching exact tape numbers cuts down on the lag with screenreaders significantly.
I also have a document with the channel assignments, as the two tracksheets on archive.org are both jpgs and don't OCR particularly well.

Title: Re: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: daniel on April 20, 2020, 11:36:50 am
@Naraht, I don't think there is an index to the tape numbers as of yet.
They do however progress in an order from T920 backwards to T911, hr1 and hr2.
The pattern switches up a bit after that, although will keep this short on here due to the fact that this is only slightly related to the apollo in realtime project.
It's logical for the most part though.
Not sure what the policy is with discussing the multitrack tapes on here, but if the admins are alright with it I'm certainly happy to continue this discussion.
I've been listening to these over the last little while, so can probably answer any general questions as far as tape order and timeline.
Title: Re: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: jfayre on April 20, 2020, 11:38:13 am
Amazing! I just sent you a PM.
Do you have a link for the apollo 11 tapes as well?
I'm an amateur radio operator. I'm thinking of doing something creative with one of the missions and an allstar node. Maybe have a way of entering a mission time to jump to via DTMF from a radio. This is what we do when we're borred and need something to do in isolation.

Title: Re: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: daniel on April 20, 2020, 11:43:55 am
Very cool. Here's the link:
It's worth noting that these files are unprocessed in any fashion.
The levels are all over the place, and there's persistent hums.
I've cleaned these files up significantly on my end, although I don't have online storage enough to host them at the moment.
Title: Re: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: Naraht on April 21, 2020, 04:53:54 pm
Thanks daniel for your help.

I've also discovered this rather useful guide to the content of the tapes: http://users.umiacs.umd.edu/~oard/teaching/269/spring19/hw/E4/
Title: Re: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: roonilwazlib on June 29, 2020, 09:21:31 pm
Does anyone know what channel the flight directors loop is on left/right?
Title: Re: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: roonilwazlib on July 01, 2020, 10:51:43 pm
Never mind i figured it out, for some reason most tape tracks are incorrectly labeled as well as out of order so track 29 and 30 are actually channel 7 and 8, so if you want to listen from the beginning the order is 915, 913,911,927,925,923,920, 716Ch7 716Ch8 and lastly 926. This is the order for the flight director loop as of right now anyway.
Title: Re: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: bfeist on July 22, 2020, 08:09:49 pm
I'm super late to responding to this thread, apologies. Attached are the track numbers for 13. 11 is very similar.

These correspond to the "channel" numbers on Apollo in Real Time, except 30 is added to the HR2 track numbers, for a total of 60 channels. Several channels have not been exported by NASA, namely the DOD channels.
Title: Re: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: bfeist on July 22, 2020, 08:12:12 pm
And here is a list of tape number and what times they correspond to. I calculated this myself by decoding the timecode signal.
Note that these are the times of the restored audio files (completely denoised and defluttered) that are on the real-time website and might not correspond to the raw files on archive.org

Apollo 11:
Tape   New IRIG GET Time Ranges
T648   HR1U|157:14:48|173:45:55
T649   HR2U|165:35:29|182:20:47
T650   HR1L|174:06:33|190:53:20
T651   HR2L|182:13:41|197:02:43
T652   HR1U|190:44:24|197:02:48
T867   HR1L|-020:46:08|-003:57:14
T868a HR2U|-015:31:48|-010:51:49
T868b HR2U|-010:51:49|-001:33:57
T869   HR1U|-004:00:01|012:51:05
T870   HR2L|-001:41:17|005:43:11
T871a HR2U|005:42:08|012:23:27
T871b HR2U|012:23:19|022:25:03
T872   HR1L|012:46:44|029:38:14
T873   HR2L|022:16:07|039:02:36
T874   HR1U|029:31:20|043:32:30
T875   HR2U|038:59:43|043:47:35
T876   HR1L|043:30:47|060:10:18
T877   HR2L|043:43:55|050:31:09
T878   HR2U|050:30:49|067:16:33
T879   HR1U|060:05:12|076:59:26
T880   HR2L|067:08:04|069:42:08
T881   HR2U|069:38:35|086:15:23
T882   HR1L|076:50:24|093:42:49
T883   HR2L|086:07:11|101:42:04
T884a HR1U|093:36:54|101:36:56
T884b HR1U|100:58:30|108:39:04
T885   HR2U|101:38:00|118:15:31
T886   HR1L|108:22:45|123:59:30
T887   HR2L|118:06:41|132:11:33
T888   HR1U|123:58:42|140:43:46
T889   HR2U|132:09:15|148:49:30
T890   HR1L|140:38:05|157:21:08
T891   HR2L|148:41:17|165:39:19

Apollo 13:
T911   Start   Stop
T912    031:41:56   048:21:41
T913    031:07:50   047:45:51
T914    014:59:03   031:48:46
T915    014:27:18   031:13:45
T916   -001:39:01   015:03:30
T917   -002:04:18   014:34:02
T918   -018:19:08   -001:32:11
T919   -018:44:05   -001:59:29
T920   -035:17:05   -018:17:54
T921   -035:17:09   -018:38:30
T922    097:40:52   114:17:55
T923    097:47:36   114:28:56
T924    081:03:30   097:52:07
T926    081:01:15   097:46:01
T925    064:24:14   081:07:59
T927    064:24:16   081:07:35
T708 130:53:00   143:59:49
T709   047:44:12   064:30:27
T716   048:20:00   064:29:00
T717   114:17:00   130:59:00
T719   114:27:00   131:12:00
Title: Re: Download of a complete "mission".
Post by: daniel on August 15, 2020, 10:13:26 am
Hi roonilwazlib and all,
Just a quick note to say that on archive.org the Apollo 13 files are offset for some reason which is probably why you're seeing channels 7-8 on the next tape when looking at 29-30.
For me it's not a huge problem as I'm used to finding things with the offset taken into account but can see how it may be confusing.
The trick is to look at the file names rather than the name of the collection item.