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Very little of the thousands of hours of Mission Control audio on the website has been heard or documented. As you find moments of interest, post them here for discussion.

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Apollo 13 Moments of Interest / Re: Apollo 13 Film vs Reality
« on: April 13, 2020, 09:13:06 pm »
I found a bunch of articles which state that while Kranz never said "Failure is not an option," he claims to have said "I have never lost an American in space, sure as hell aren’t going to lose one now. This crew is coming home. You got to believe it. Your team must believe it. And we must make it happen." Do you happen to know if this was recorded, or if it is otherwise documented somewhere?

Thank you! I'm doing my own version of "Apollo in Realtime" on my whippet's Instagram:

Hahahaha!! Great find! She also tells him to cut the grass in the backyard because "it's really shameful, the way it looks."

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