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Very little of the thousands of hours of Mission Control audio on the website has been heard or documented. As you find moments of interest, post them here for discussion.

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Apollo 13 Moments of Interest / 142:45:45 ARIA 4 AOS - Odyssey returns
« on: March 30, 2020, 01:33:42 pm »

NETWORK controller's loop records the moment that radio signal from the re-entering Odyssey has been restored, less than a minute after the predicted point.


Apparently it's a good time to buy a house in Houston.

Apollo 13 Moments of Interest / 121:42:57 Surgeon on the phone
« on: March 16, 2020, 08:37:53 pm »

More SURGEON gossip, this time from a Dr Weaver.


Doctor Z talks with his colleagues onboard the carrier Iwo Jima, less than 24 hours to go till splashdown.


Telmu controller talks about the CO2 canister adapter, which by the sounds of it is starting to take shape, mere 11 hours after the accident!


Comms people tell Glynn Lunney that they're trying to get better comm quality, and Glynn jokes that it's "just in time for Gerry to come on"


Fred Haise recalls a simulation with his crewmates for Apollo 8 backup crew, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin


JoAnn Morgan, famously "the only woman in Launch control" during Apollo 11 is back on her post at the Apollo Launch Control in Kennedy!


LM controllers are figuring out what systems to keep on, and what to turn off to save power.

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