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Very little of the thousands of hours of Mission Control audio on the website has been heard or documented. As you find moments of interest, post them here for discussion.

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Before the LM is jettisoned, the FDAI-reading attitudes for the LM are set up.  CONTROL (LM GNC) asks GUIDANCE for the correct angles.


Lovell reports on their first view of the damage to the Service Module.

the "Tom" here is Tom Stafford

OK, I was wondering if it might be.  Joe Kerwin was CAPCOM on duty at the time, I think, so was Stafford sitting by at the right console, then?  Since I couldn't hear Kerwin talking as the transcript scrolled by, I wonder if the CAPCOM [R] track shifted over to the CAPCOM [L] position as the tape was being read in at this time.


On the CAPCOM channel, there's a phone call with someone about press briefings.  At this point, "Tom" (the person he's on the phone with says, "Thank-you, Tom" at the end) starts using a bunch of four-letter words about how the press is reacting. 

I'm not sure this is really CAPCOM.  At the beginning of the call, a few minutes earlier, the transcript was showing Houston-to-13 communications going on during the call, and I couldn't hear that on the CAPCOM channel.  Any ideas what's up?

Ken Mattingly (CMP prime crew, replaced for medical reasons) talks to CAPCOM about getting in touch with Jack Swigert's family in Colorado.  A Tom Andrews had been there with the family since the flight began, mostly to protect them from the press.  CAPCOM gives Mattingly the Swigerts' phone number.


Atlantic—"I asked Phil(?) [...] what he's going to do up there this time without my brownies."


Agnew signs an autograph for one of the officials.


Some teasing between Houston and Atlantic Recovery:
Houston—"Paula(?) put your stuff in the mail yesterday, Gus(?)."
Atlantic—"Real good.  Appreciate that."
Houston—"She's what?"
Atlantic—"Real good.  I appreciate that."
Houston—"You shouldn't say those things about her."
Atlantic—"Yeah, we'll, I'll give her her just reward when I get back."
Houston—"OK, don't say anything more; she just punched up."
Atlantic—[Laughs]  "I bet you're making me sound like a pretty bad guy, when I didn't say anything but how nice a girl she was!"


The Vice President arrives in the Firing Room.


Video only.  Former President Johnson arrives in the VIP stands, shaking hands with other visitors.  Current Vice President Spiro Agnew will join him later.

Sorry to hear about not having the telemetry data tapes.  At least there's some data on paper, as you found there.  I'm going to go through some of that to replicate the kinds of charts for Flight Controllers to use in the simulator.  Glad y'all posted a link to the PDF.


To Ben and whoever else helped, that is a fantastic idea on putting the cryo tank pressure chart in the video window as the problem unfolds.  I love how the scroll is synchronized with GET.  I'd love to see more of this sort of thing with the future missions, showing telemetry at interesting times.  Innovative and well done!

I noticed her featured rather prominently in the Apollo 11 documentary shots of the Firing Room, as they were doing some pre-launch planning.

You're welcome, Ben.  I was glad to see some fresh territory here before I dived into Apollo 13.  I've been spending a bit of time listening to the Apollo 11 audio from a few hours before launch, to see what the early preparations were like, and I've found a few interesting items I'll post.


Video only:  Werner von Braun addresses the Firing Room briefly.  (I think I've identified him correctly.)  He has a pair of binoculars slung around his neck, like a lot of the others.

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