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General Discussion / Some fun Apollo 13 audio projects
« Last post by MadDogBV on July 20, 2021, 10:16:07 am »
In my spare time I've been working on some audio projects using the Apollo 13 MOCR tapes (thanks to and Ben Feist for making this possible). In the process, I've made a neat little audio -- I guess you could call it a clip but it's a little over 12 hours long.  :P

This is MOCR audio from the 047:44:12 to 064:30:27 GET. In this, I've isolated the EECOM audio into the left channel and the FIDO audio into the right channel, so you've got systems in one ear and dynamics in the other. Appropriately, I've named this file "Organized Chaos". You'll see why once you get to the time of the explosion.

In order to make this file listenable, I've run a noise and silence removal algorithm through GoldWave so that it removes most of the silence (except for the loud comm static when they bring the LM online) and provides for a seamless listening experience. This reduces the length of the audio file from 16 hours to 12 hours. There is a slight reverb effect whenever you have overlap in both channels (usually on the Flight Director loop) and the beginning of the audio file during Griffin's shift is a bit de-synchronized. But once you get into Kranz's shift, everything starts to sync up and it sounds a heck of a lot better.

Hope you enjoy this audio file as much as I enjoyed creating it:

This is a neat little on-the-loop conversation in the midst of all of the mid-course vector and dynamics planning that is taking place on the FIDO loop. RETRO Bobby Spencer asks FIDO Bill Stoval, then GUIDO Will Fenner, if they have a slide rule handy. Surprisingly it seems neither of them have one spare - then again, it is a quiet shift.

Never leave your slide rule at home!

Edit: I think near the end of the conversation, Will Fenner is referring to an "alidade in the back room" though he gets cut off so it's hard to tell.

I did delve into the details of the conservation, and apparently Jay is referring to the changes in the projected impact point for the S-IVB that EXPERIMENTS is crashing into the Moon (this exercise also occupies a fair bit of Stoval's time during his shift). The latitude and longitude for the impact point is changing on a fairly regular basis due to the uneven surface and gravitational field of the Moon. As Jay comments earlier in the shift when giving the updated coordinates to Gerry, "They're all one on top of the other."

The best part about this is Jay mixes up minutes and decimals when first giving the coordinates. Then after the phone call, he gets into a heated row with PROCEDURES and COMM about how the updated coordinates being put on the big numbered display at the front of the MOCR are wrong, and that there's no such thing as 83 minutes. ;D

First, his exchange with PROCEDURES to let them know that they screwed up in confusing minutes with decimals:

Then, he gets into it with COMM on the MOCR DYN loop, who tries to out-smart-aleck Jay, but doesn't succeed in doing so.
At least I think it's John Young. He identifies himself as CAPCOM on the loop. Although the CAPCOM on shift is Vance Brand, there would frequently be multiple astronauts congregated around the CAPCOM console during particularly pivotal moments in the flight. Someone who is more familiar with voices on the loops can correct me.

In "Apollo: Race To The Moon" Kranz would identify this as one of the most contentious moments during the flight, where he was pulled in three different directions by Slayton, Kraft and Faget, as far as how to configure the spacecraft and crew immediately after the PC+2 burn. Because Kranz took Faget's route and opted to use a LM PTC procedure which had never been tested, he started taking a lot of heat from the other Apollo senior management and astronauts when the procedure started taking too long for the exhausted crew to implement.


Edit: In retrospect, it's possible that the voice could be Dave Scott since Kranz mentions earlier on the flight loop that he's present in the MOCR and providing input.
Nice find! I love these check-in calls.
EECOM Sy Liebergot gets a phone call from fellow EECOM John Aaron while working the White Flight shift about three hours before the accident. Sy recounts what he's been dealing with throughout the day, remarking that it's "just like the simulation". This ends up being a pretty helpful summary of what's been going on in his shift.

During transearth coast, LMP Haise asks a question of CAPCOM Kerwin about what to do with bags of waste water, but he asks it in a relatively tactful fashion knowing that the air-to-ground conversations are likely being monitored by the world at large. Flight Director Lunney picks up on this immediately and brings the problem up with FAO.

Dr. Joe Kerwin is not as swift on the uptake.


Kerwin (Capcom): And, 13, Houston. Check your Noun 17 for extraction pitch attitude. It should be 319 degrees. Over.
Garman (AGC): Noun 22, Noun 22!

Guidance (Yaw?) tells him they'll wait and see what happens. Garman replies, "if the Capcom is gonna say something, he should say it right."

Later, Garman, watching what the crew are doing: "Now maybe he's catching on.... Yay! He figured it out.... No, he still didn't figure it out. Let's see what he does. No, no! I'm gonna have a heart attack... If I were you I'd lean back and tell the Capcom that he figured it out despite him."

It's easy to be a critic from the back room...

"AGC from Yaw... uh, Guidance. Which one of the fellows did the P23, was it Lovell or was it the other one... the CMP?"

He makes the "Yaw" mistake several times, which I guess is unsurprising given that those two roles did swap off (Yaw usually being a more junior, assistant role). Forgetting Swigert's name is a bit less forgivable, even if he was a last minute replacement!

Steve Bales has a mini panic over a 'dead' PTC program (did he really say "shit!" on the loop?) and then gets mockingly told off by Jack Garman.
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