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Very little of the thousands of hours of Mission Control audio on the website has been heard or documented. As you find moments of interest, post them here for discussion.

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Here we have Retro Chuck Deiterich doing some planning with his backroom, Retro Support, who I'm almost certain is Poppy Northcutt. She's widely agreed to have been, on Apollo 8, the first female flight controller. (Albeit not in the MOCR itself.)

She can be heard sporadically through the rest of this shift.

Understandably she got a good bit of press coverage. Later on Jay Greene tells Chuck Deiterich that "your assistant is calling you... your TV star...":
Apollo 13 Moments of Interest / -31:13:00 Beatles break up
« Last post by Wehwalt on May 15, 2020, 05:58:02 pm »
More newscasts/music radio playing on the CCATS LOAD CONTROL station.

INCO expresses his (rather understandable) frustrations with the PROCEDURES and TRACK officers after an attempt to establish tracking with the LM results in a lengthy loss of comm, which in turn results in flight director Glynn Lunney getting rather testy at INCO.

Most of the INCO channel around here (starting at 59:45:00) is worth listening to, to get an inside look at the comm disaster that took place, by way of the conversations between INCO, TRACK, and the Honeysuckle and Goldstone tracking stations. Although they do come up with a workaround, the poor INCO officer does spend the next several minutes lamenting the trouble that this new procedure got him into.  :)
It is KTHT radio station. The sponsor is Bill Bennett's Steakhouse in the Sky/Bill Bennett's 24-Hour Restaurant. I bet they didn't worry about cholesterol there. The announcer is Jim Wilson. It persists for about an hour but regrettably is lost before the 3 am news update.
CCATS LOAD CONTROL channel, local Houston late night radio (2 am on April 10) is heard with a news broadcast mentioning the final countdown and Mattingly's replacement before going on to other things. That restaurant in the commercial sounds cheap (95 cents) and good! Just before where I start is some music "It takes a worried man to sing a worried song" which could be Apollo 13's theme.

A computer goes down and they have to restore to a backup from a checkpoint 40 minutes earlier, meaning that 40 minutes of data is lost. A bit of banter ensues with Flight Director Glynn Lunney telling FIDO Jay Greene that "you took [the checkpoint] in the wrong place!" Discussion continues until 022:10:00 or so.

Earlier in the shift, he'd been questioning Greene on the reasons for needing to take checkpoints:

However, as Greene says to his backroom later, the real incident provided the best illustration of why checkpoints are needed. "We scored on the flight director... it's better than any words of explanation."
All really good finds - very interesting to hear the controllers' viewpoint on this! It's also interesting to me that so many people were on console nearly 24 hours before the launch.

In case it's of interest to anyone, RETRO is the second speaker in the exchange linked above (ie not the person who says "I never would have guessed"), and it's Chuck Deiterich.
LM GNC finds out, leading to discussion (half joking) as to whether the delay to allow Mattingly to be cleared would have cost $800,000 or $8 billion.

FIDO Jay Greene, age 27, worked the descent shift on Apollo 11 and landed men on the moon. Now, a couple of days later, he's complaining that he doesn't get any cool catchphrases.

"I wish FIDOs had cool things like that to say. 'This is when we commit to MSFN.' The Networks can say 'battle short.' The FIDOs can't say anything but 'checkpoint.'"

"Everybody's got their own thing."

"Yeah, but I don't say mine on the loop."
General Discussion / Re: Identifying speakers/ Mission Control teams
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That's a good idea. I'll see whether I manage to gather enough together to make it worthwhile, and if I do, I'll get in touch with them.
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