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Very little of the thousands of hours of Mission Control audio on the website has been heard or documented. As you find moments of interest, post them here for discussion.

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CAPCOM Jack Lousma asks FLIGHT (Milt Windler) if he has recovery plans. Milt misunderstands at first and thinks that Lousma is joking around, but then as the conversation progresses, he realizes they are referring to the crew on board the spacecraft (since the MPL and AOL has been changing frequently throughout the flight).

Pago Pago, or Hawaii?


Edit: Looking back at the clip, it sounds like Milt is laughing at Jack's Freudian slip of referring to him as "fright" instead of "flight", rather than the recovery plans inquiry. Most people in the business would probably agree that if anyone would be referred to as a fright director, it would likely be Kranz or Kraft.
Apollo 13 Moments of Interest / Re: Apollo 13 Film vs Reality
« Last post by MadDogBV on April 06, 2021, 02:13:49 PM »
Didn't Ed Fendell also suggest shutting off both BIOMED and the POWERAMP to save power and water during Lunney's shift immediately after the explosion? Unless they turned BIOMED back on for some reason or another. (Maybe SURGEON got antsy about having it off indefinitely.)

Edit: And indeed, as I listened to the loops later on, that is exactly what happened; the SURGEONs wanted BIOMED data to serve as a backup sensor while they were running the LM LiOH cartridges to their limits.
General Discussion / Re: Vale Glynn Lunney
« Last post by bfeist on April 06, 2021, 10:32:21 AM »
Very sad news indeed. The Apollo 10 tapes are in the queue to be digitized. It will probably be several years before it's online, but it will happen some day.

Apollo 13 Moments of Interest / Re: Apollo 13 Film vs Reality
« Last post by bfeist on April 06, 2021, 10:27:45 AM »
On the biomed removal, they only had a few biomed sets, not enough for everyone to wear them at the same time and they took shifts. My guess is that Lovell saying "I don’t have BIOMED on" was because it wasn't his turn and they had gotten mixed up on the ground. I didn't take this as being an act of rebellion.
General Discussion / Vale Glynn Lunney
« Last post by capcom1970a on April 05, 2021, 10:10:22 PM »
Very sad to hear of Glynn Lunney's passing March 19

I had gotten so used to listening to him on the FD loops and wondered if I might have had a chance to see him in person one day.

I would do anything to hear his work on A10 but there seems to be nothing like this real time resource for that flight ...

Apollo 13 Moments of Interest / Re: 018:17:15 Steve Bales caught snoozing??
« Last post by bfeist on April 05, 2021, 06:32:36 PM »
Similarly, a prank about sleeping in was played on someone during Apollo 11 countdown as well:
Apollo 13 Moments of Interest / 018:17:15 Steve Bales caught snoozing??
« Last post by Naraht on April 04, 2021, 08:11:54 AM »

Retro calls Steve Bales in the middle of a very quiet night shift:

"Just to see if you're on the loop there. Looked like you might have been snoozing."

Bales' only response is: "Really? Oh."

I think he might have been! He was apparently notorious for oversleeping unless someone called him a couple of hours before his shift started.
Nice find! And here, a little earlier is Fucci trying to find out where Fendell plays ball.
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