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Author Topic: 119:54:13 CapCom Kerwin is told about a thermal survival blanket in the CSM!  (Read 2130 times)

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Kerwin gets a phone call from a "Matt" who tells that there's a foil blanket in the Command Module post-landing survival kit the crew could use to keep warm. Despite this suggestion, the info was never passed on to the crew.

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I heard this too. I was surprised and keep listening for this to be passed up. I have yet to hear the suggestion on air to ground. I wonder why Kerwin didn't communicate this to the crew since they were so cold.

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Especially given Kerwin, according to Sy, is very protective of the crew and frequently questions the decisions made by flight control if they aren't to the astronauts' benefits.

It's possible they were still trying to follow some semblance of a strict flight plan and chose not to use the blanket since it's meant for post-landing purposes and not for actual use during flight.
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