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Download of a complete "mission".

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This is an amazing work very well done! Hope it will cover all Apollo mission.
I would like to save a copy for my own archive (it is a huge archive, with a lot of material well organized), without to be force to use the web.
Is it possible to download a whole mission? If it is any suggestion about how to do it?

Thank you a lot.

Unfortunately that is not possible. This is designed to be an online project and only works when running on the web.

Wondering something similar.  Some of us have multi-track audio editing software and it would be a real hoot to have a copy of the 30 tracks from the tapes and load them up in the editor so we could select & deselect various tracks, pan them left to right, and so on, just to play around with the various channels in other ways not possible from the web site.

No criticism intended.  This site is just fantastic.  I'm a NASA brat from the 60s onward and just discovered this (where have I been?) and have had a great time this evening getting acquainted with this site plus passing it along to my family and friends.

Congratulations on producing something really special.  Hoping you'll eventually be able to do all the moon missions in the same way?  What a national treasure this is!

You can totally do that! The 30-track audio that our team has restored is being uploaded by JSC to It might already be there. Download the individual channels of each tape and throw them into your multitrack system and you should be good to go.

Just to say that you can certainly do this.
I've personally done such a setup with first Apollo 11 and now 13.
Edit: all of the Apollo 13 tapes appear to be up.


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