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Author Topic: Download of a complete "mission".  (Read 15888 times)

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Re: Download of a complete "mission".
« Reply #15 on: July 22, 2020, 08:12:12 pm »
And here is a list of tape number and what times they correspond to. I calculated this myself by decoding the timecode signal.
Note that these are the times of the restored audio files (completely denoised and defluttered) that are on the real-time website and might not correspond to the raw files on

Apollo 11:
Tape   New IRIG GET Time Ranges
T648   HR1U|157:14:48|173:45:55
T649   HR2U|165:35:29|182:20:47
T650   HR1L|174:06:33|190:53:20
T651   HR2L|182:13:41|197:02:43
T652   HR1U|190:44:24|197:02:48
T867   HR1L|-020:46:08|-003:57:14
T868a HR2U|-015:31:48|-010:51:49
T868b HR2U|-010:51:49|-001:33:57
T869   HR1U|-004:00:01|012:51:05
T870   HR2L|-001:41:17|005:43:11
T871a HR2U|005:42:08|012:23:27
T871b HR2U|012:23:19|022:25:03
T872   HR1L|012:46:44|029:38:14
T873   HR2L|022:16:07|039:02:36
T874   HR1U|029:31:20|043:32:30
T875   HR2U|038:59:43|043:47:35
T876   HR1L|043:30:47|060:10:18
T877   HR2L|043:43:55|050:31:09
T878   HR2U|050:30:49|067:16:33
T879   HR1U|060:05:12|076:59:26
T880   HR2L|067:08:04|069:42:08
T881   HR2U|069:38:35|086:15:23
T882   HR1L|076:50:24|093:42:49
T883   HR2L|086:07:11|101:42:04
T884a HR1U|093:36:54|101:36:56
T884b HR1U|100:58:30|108:39:04
T885   HR2U|101:38:00|118:15:31
T886   HR1L|108:22:45|123:59:30
T887   HR2L|118:06:41|132:11:33
T888   HR1U|123:58:42|140:43:46
T889   HR2U|132:09:15|148:49:30
T890   HR1L|140:38:05|157:21:08
T891   HR2L|148:41:17|165:39:19

Apollo 13:
T911   Start   Stop
T912    031:41:56   048:21:41
T913    031:07:50   047:45:51
T914    014:59:03   031:48:46
T915    014:27:18   031:13:45
T916   -001:39:01   015:03:30
T917   -002:04:18   014:34:02
T918   -018:19:08   -001:32:11
T919   -018:44:05   -001:59:29
T920   -035:17:05   -018:17:54
T921   -035:17:09   -018:38:30
T922    097:40:52   114:17:55
T923    097:47:36   114:28:56
T924    081:03:30   097:52:07
T926    081:01:15   097:46:01
T925    064:24:14   081:07:59
T927    064:24:16   081:07:35
T708 130:53:00   143:59:49
T709   047:44:12   064:30:27
T716   048:20:00   064:29:00
T717   114:17:00   130:59:00
T719   114:27:00   131:12:00
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Re: Download of a complete "mission".
« Reply #16 on: August 15, 2020, 10:13:26 am »
Hi roonilwazlib and all,
Just a quick note to say that on the Apollo 13 files are offset for some reason which is probably why you're seeing channels 7-8 on the next tape when looking at 29-30.
For me it's not a huge problem as I'm used to finding things with the offset taken into account but can see how it may be confusing.
The trick is to look at the file names rather than the name of the collection item.