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Can I listen to all loops while also watching the MCC positions light up?


When I click "Mission Control Audio", I love seeing the different loops and disciplines light up. But it seems to not play all the loops as when I'm in the "Photography" or "Spacecraft Details" tabs. Is there a way to enable all audio loops and also see the disciplines/loops light up?

One audio feed at a time. Click on Photography and you'll hear space-earth (L) and CAPCOM (R). Click Mission Control Audio and pick which desk to listen to. My workaround is to have multiple browsers open (and multiple computers!)

I'd like a similar functionality except I'd like to choose which feeds to listen to at once, for example Flight, M-Dir and Capcom.

I second the motion.  It would be great to select multiple audio tracks to listen to at once to get a sense of the chatter going on.

This site is really terrific!  Thank you so much. 

I've had this request several times. Sadly, due to the limitations of the web, I can only enable one channel at a time.


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