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Author Topic: 059:22:33 Phone call to a wife discussing her recent call with Mary Haise  (Read 2459 times)


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I'm very curious who these two are on the call. From the content it seems likely to be an astronaut (not in the spacecraft) and his wife. She is clearly a good friend of Mary Haise (Fred Haise's wife). Her questions and his answers indicate a pretty well-formulated plan was already in place a fairly short time into the crisis.

Can anyone identify who they are? It sounds to me like he calls her "Scoop", or similar nickname. Another clue is that she and Mary are both pregnant.
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This is really interesting! I was thinking it sounded like Joe Kerwin and his wife Shirley Ann but I don't think the accent is right for it to be Joe.

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My money is on Stu Roosa....


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Mystery solved!

Someone found another chapter in the story.

It's Tony England and his wife Kathleen, who by then is in the maternity ward of a hospital.
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