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Really an Outstanding Mission !


It's a sourprise not to find any comment on Apollo 17 mission. So here is mine
This times of quarentine at home I have found the time to follow this mission almost in real time
It has been an outstanding experience and I want to thank to the people involved in making this site available
A real treasure of first class information. Just need to dedicate the proper time to dig into the mission
Those days in the moon surface with the 3 EVA's. The Rover trips and the real time TV remotely controlled from earth
is like being there with Schmitth and Cernan

Thank you again to those that made it possible. Outstanding work !

From a space-trastorned ;-)
Luis /EA5DOM

Thanks very much. This forum is a new addition and I haven't integrated any mention of it into the Apollo 17 website yet, that's why it's empty. I'm glad you're enjoying it!


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