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108:15:37 Network controller gets in trouble for not responding to Flight


...due to whitehouse communications setup. I believe he was later sent home, but I can't find the clip that refers to that.

Interesting. It sounds to me like Charlesworth is kidding with him but I can't work out how long he was actually waiting for a response.

This reminded me of a somewhat comparable incident the day before the landing, when the crew woke up early from their sleep period and no one heard them calling for a long while. Except for Yaw, who didn't mention it. In the end it was FIDO who confessed this to Flight.

FIDO (Jay Greene): Flight, FIDO. Yaw says he heard them. He says he heard them call about three times.
Flight (Glynn Lunney): Yaw, if you heard that, why didn't you mention it in the room?
FIDO: Yeah, we should have.
Flight: Yeah!

Found it! He did get in trouble but wasn't sent home for this. He was sent home the night before for something else.

Huh, very interesting!

(Apologies for the necropost.)

Comm decorum is a BIG deal in the MOCR. During Apollo 13, I think Lunney, Griffin and Windler all grumbled at controllers for not having the air-to-ground loop punched up when the crew asked a question. I can totally believe a controller would be thrown out for making that same mistake twice.


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