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051:40:50 MIDCOURSE asks FIDO Stoval if they're just doing busywork


During a rather quiet translunar coast, FIDO Bill Stoval is trying to figure out a way to burp (for the possible contingency of needing to relieve SHe pressure in the LM) the DPS engine in such a manner as to not significantly alter the current (immaculate) trajectory that the Apollo 13 spacecraft is currently on. In doing so, he's feeding DYNAMICS a lot of maneuvers that at this point seem to be bordering on trial-and-error.

MIDCOURSE Quenton Holmes picks up on what's going on and asks Stoval in a rather roundabout manner if they're just "soldiering on the job". Stoval firmly denies this.

I think Stoval had a reputation for being overly keen!

See the discussion between Bales and Paules here: "Oh, Stoval will be running vectors, and then Boone will come on and run more vectors, and then they'll just run the ephemeris into the ground..."


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