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What is this Apollo 17 radio message?



at the beginning of this documentary trailer (starting at 12 seconds) there is radio message. I can not understand what it says and I don't know when it was made.

I would like to know what this message is and when it was recorded in the mission.


Hi Rainer,

I can't tell when that audio clip comes from in the mission - it's what you often hear when the crew are speaking among themselves - but aren't speaking to the ground. Enough of their voice breaks through that you can hear them (but not tell what they are saying) if the background is quiet enough.

I realised this was happening when comparing onboard audio (recorded with the DSE) with what was heard on the ground.

Though I haven't put together a comparison file, you can heard the same effect on Apollo 8 - just find a spot in the mission where there is a good recording of the onboard audio and also a recording of the downlinked voice. On this page -


I think you'll find some overlaps.

I guess the producers just put it in there to help it sound authentic. :-)


Hi Colin,

thank you so much for your response, I really appreciate it.

Since I assume this is the sound that was used by Bent Burtt for the Imperial Probe Droid (Episode V), I really hope to decypher what the robot says (the nerdy crowd -me included- is crazy about it) one day.

Now I am enjoying the amazing realtime Apollo Experience that I've never heard of although I am an Apollo die-hard fan for many, many years- maybe I find the radio message there.



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