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Author Topic: Looking for Ed Fendell, who is playing softball  (Read 1831 times)

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Looking for Ed Fendell, who is playing softball
« on: July 04, 2023, 11:25:28 pm »
GET 56:22:38 Procedures Jim Fucci on Procedures loop calls someone, maybe "Lines",

Fucci is trying to track down Ed Fendell, whom he must have learned was in his softball league:
Fucci: Hey Lines [not sure of this name]
Lines: Yeah
Fucci: Do you know where Fendell plays ball?
Lines: Diamonds all over. Oh, wait a minute. It's in Ellington Airforce Base
He's probably still in the local league, so it's probably still at Ellington.
Fucci: You know how to get them?
Lines: No. Unless you call security at Ellington and have them - that would be the only idea I would have about having them send a car to anyone to put on the field.

A little later, GET 56:25:02 on the Procedures loop:

 Procedures Jim Fucci calls someone, maybe Ellington Air Force Base, to try and locate Ed Fendell, an off-shift INCO. He asks for Security and tells them:

Fucci: I'm trying to get in touch with an Ed Fendell and I believe he is playing softball....
Security: This is an emergency call?
Fucci: It sure is... [understatement of the decade]

Ed had already left the softball game but they later track him down at his apartment. See Fendell interview here:

Also, you can hear Fucci earlier at GET 56:13:49 trying to track someone, maybe him, down earlier, calling his wife I guess:

Fucci at GET 56:13:45 , where she says he might be at a school. I'm not sure who Fucci is trying to track down there, if it's also Ed Fendell (see
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Re: Looking for Ed Fendell, who is playing softball
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2023, 07:15:25 am »
Nicely done! Just to fill in a few names, Fucci first rings up Alan Glines who was the INCO on duty during the first half of the White Team's shift.

The other unnamed person Fucci is trying to track down is Tom Hanchett, another INCO, who wasn't due to come back on duty until later on in the Black Team shift. He does eventually get a hold of him too and tells him to come in. It's clear he wants to get as much support as possible for what must be an overwhelmed Gary Scott.
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