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Author Topic: CONTROL and the bet on Eagle's lifespan  (Read 5366 times)

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CONTROL and the bet on Eagle's lifespan
« on: July 23, 2023, 06:26:56 pm »
After hearing about the test of how long the PGNS would last without cooling, I wanted to know the results, so I listened to the CONTROL loop. The highlights, since in real time this happens over 2+ hours: - PROP (pardon me barely knowing any names and not being good with voices) asks when Carlton thinks they'll acquire Eagle. The reply is that he's betting they won't-- he's literally bet some coffee on it. This leads to everyone discussing where they stand on that bet. Bob, who's watching the batteries, is confident they'll get at least another two revs. The response to that is "I hope we get data this lap, just so you can see how fast that battery voltage drops. You gonna look over there and see ol' Bob's mouth hanging down about halfway to his chest." They do get AOS (and Flight pretends he forgot they had a LM) leading to: "Carlton's passing out the coffee." "I only had one guy with me on this pass." There's a question of whether "Merlin" (I think?) is going to leave. "No." "What, you gonna stay here 'til it quits?" There's a discussion about extending the coffee bet for another rev (no one will take the long odds), and with cinematic timing, immediately after that comes, "We may have overheated that rascal... You ain't gonna see it no more, fellas. Kiss her goodbye. That's it on the PGNS." It went 7 hours 13 minutes. Flight's thoughts when informed are: "How 'bout that? Handy that that happened before the LOS here." PROP has decided to take Mr. Carlton up on his bet whether they'll have data next lap or not. Someone has a conversation with presumably his wife, who after updating him on her luck at poker and saying she saw him on TV and he was "loafing" (he replies he was not) wants to know when he'll be home. He explains that he might be leaving in 40 minutes or he might not, "we're sitting here 'til it dies and it should die by the time we have acquisition, but we might have enough to get another 30-40 minutes after we get acquisition, or we might not." AOS takes a minute because (as far as I can understand) Honeysuckle was having some trouble with the CSM so they were slow relaying the LM signal. When it comes in, it elicits a very dismayed "Oh no, it's still there!" It quickly turns out that Eagle helpfully hung on JUST long enough, so they can record the voltage when the AGS fails. "Ol' Bob really skimmed in on the neck of his nap on that!" "That wasn't skimming. I predicted it, fellas!" I was happy to see that like Aquarius, Eagle got a farewell salute: "Goodbye, LM-5, you've been a good vehicle."

BONUS someone is very pleased at getting to send a DSKY command from the Guidance console. The response is, "Oh, you didn't invite us out to send one?"

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Re: CONTROL and the bet on Eagle's lifespan
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2023, 08:04:08 am »
What interesting research! I wonder if any papers were published at the time about this result. Thank you very much for contributing this to the forum.

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Re: CONTROL and the bet on Eagle's lifespan
« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2023, 02:16:33 am » There's a question of whether "Merlin" (I think?) is going to leave. "No." "What, you gonna stay here 'til it quits?"

Guessing that will have been Merlin Merritt, who was a TELMU.