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Author Topic: 027:01:18 SPAN calls CSM GNC to discuss a docked DPS burn  (Read 1946 times)

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027:01:18 SPAN calls CSM GNC to discuss a docked DPS burn
« on: July 29, 2023, 06:30:53 pm »

This is at 27 hours GET, but there is clearly background discussion taking place with North American Gumman about burning the LM descent engine to relive Super Critical Helium (SCHe) pressure and the effect this will have on the amount of RCS propellant. The foreshadowing is interesting. I also switched to the CSM loop and they continue discussing it during the next few minutes and you can hear the incredulity in their voice and how unlikely they think it is that they will be forced to do a docked DPS burn... But at least there was a bunch of engineers preparing for an unlikely maneuver that would soon become mission critical in little over a day's time.
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Re: 027:01:18 SPAN calls CSM GNC to discuss a docked DPS burn
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2023, 11:02:14 pm »
Thanks - that's an interesting exchange and also very interesting information you provided. Here's my transcript
59:06:29 Fucci (Procedures): EECOM, Procedures, Mobile 1.
Clint (EECOM): Listen, I'd like to get a dedicated chart recorder to display back that Format 30, subformat 01
Procedures: Stand by. Format 30 subformat..
Procedures: ... 01
EECOM: Time 55:50 to 56:10
Procedures: [repeating] 55:50 to 56:10
EECOM: right, and whatever site was looking at it at that time, doesn't matter which one.
Procedures: Goldstone.
59:07:25 EECOM: Procedures, EECOM
Procedures: Go.
EECOM: OK, I was just informed that we had low bitrate at that time. We're going to have to try to do that FM/FM. I have to come back to you on that.
Procedures: [mildly annoyed] You guys got a DLOG on that thing
EECOM: Yeah, but we're looking for higher sample rates.
Procedures: [more annoyed and skeptical] Higher sample rate than a DLOG?
EECOM: Say again?
Procedures: You're saying, a higher sample rate than your DLOG?
EECOM: Yeah.
Procedures [indignantly]: Do you realize that FM/FM is going to take a 30 minute calibration and then a recalibration...
EECOM: We had a good problem here. We'd like to get all the data we can on it.
Procedures [skeptically]: Okaaaayy
EECOM: Let me get back to you with the pertinent information here.
Procedures: OK.