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Author Topic: "Y'all looking for me", and an allusion to looking for John Aaron  (Read 1935 times)

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This is from the SPAN.
56:41:43 [Speaker 1]. Hey Bill, y'all looking for me?
56:41:48: [Speaker 2] Looking for John Aaron
56:41:50: [Speaker 1] Did you try his house?
[Larry] 56:41:52: This is Larry. We found John. You might want to come in also. There are some very serious problems.
[Speaker 1]: Like what?
[Larry]: Two fuel cells and a couple of O2 tanks. Gone.
[Speaker 1]: Hmm. OK.
[Larry]: So we're trying to muster up all the hands we looks like both of the O2 tanks.

I wonder if everyone was looking for John Aaron just because he was so well respected in EECOM, and not just because of the SCE. There's an exchange in the EECOM during Glynn Lunney's shift in which EECOM/ECS are looking at the pressure readings and John Aaron confidently seems to know from memory the exact ambient pressure and temperature readings of liquid O2, something the other controllers did not seem to know. Just that exchange gave me the sense that John Aaron was as remarkable as his reputation. (Oddly enough, during that exchange the rest of the EECOM did not seem to pay a lot of attention but there was a lot going on).

Be that as it may, I thought perhaps the above exchange had some points of interest.

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Re: "Y'all looking for me", and an allusion to looking for John Aaron
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2023, 03:15:28 pm »
If you listen to 13 Minutes to the Moon podcast season 2, they explain John Aaron’s role. He’s also interviewed.